Meet Luci

With years of combined experience, we will make sure to get you to the closing!

Luci Edwards is a Real Estate Broker, serving The Gallatin Valley, Bozeman Real Estate, Belgrade Real Estate, and surrounding areas. We are located in the South West Montana and have been in the real estate industry helping Buyers and Sellers since 2005. She has provided exceptional, personalized service for all her local and Relocation Clients. Luci’s background in Marketing, Public Relations and Tourism has helped her to an easy transition to the Real Estate Career. 

“My commitment to you is dedicated to creating an unmatchable experience in a professional environment, where you will feel comfortable talking about your real estate goals to our Bozeman Real Estate Team. Our communication is effective, and our services are tailored to accomplish your real estate needs and wants.

My intimate knowledge of this region and having lived here for many years, give me enthusiasm and a desire to make My Home, Your Home. Therefore, It’s important to understand that I don’t take your business for granted, everything I have was earned by consistent hard work and respect. My team and I are here to answer all your questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, all your questions are important to us. We may go through some “bumps on the road” during the process, but I strive to ensure that I will make everything possible to resolve any issues before getting to your ears, and to have a smooth, and stress-free transaction. In the between we may have some fun while waiting for each of the steps to be completed! Good Vibes are always welcome!

“I’ve earned the respect of my clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice.”

These reviews are based on 95% of my clientele due to satisfaction and achievement of their goals.

The real estate field is an ever-changing market and I am aware that to be on top of my business is not an option is my obligation to those customers who put their trust on me.

As a Local and International Real Estate Professional, I am specialized in Residential Relocation; if you are moving here, out of the state or the country, or just relocating to another part of the town, my priority is to make sure you understand the ins and outs of the real estate process and learn your rights. If you are directly working with me, I will make sure that you will get comfortable with my foreign accent, and will always clarify all your doubts about the process. 


I was born and raised in Brazil and I was fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of a cross-cultural experience. I consider myself a forever student, a forward-thinking professional in the local and international real estate industry; and stay in tuned with the latest digital marketing strategies. I knows for a fact; this industry is about creating opportunities and not waiting for them to arrive. With the background in Marketing, Tourism and Public Relations giving me an edge in the realty business, I know that my knowledge and expertise combined with my background will work for your benefit.  As a seasoned real estate professional, I understand that not all my efforts will be recognized, and that’s okay. I am here to guide You Home, and to teach you how to get there!

My Roots

I am a Gaucha,  and the term “gaucho” refers to the traditional cowboys from South America. These occur in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, commonly in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The elders and the youth raised in the farms and ranches families are often seen in traditional clothing and make their living by running ranches and working with the horses, sheep and cattle.

In Brazil our native tongue is Portuguese, which was brought to Brazil from the Portugueses immigrants.  
English has been my passion since I was given a choice to learn other languages, and I can consider my favorite tongue b/c my heart was always divided in two parts, half Brazilian/half American…Who knows why, but what I am living today was born inside me since I was a little girl full of dreams. And to finalize the Spanish idioma is a gift for us South Americans due to the proximities of all latin countries that are surrounding Brasil.

I am sharing these with you because I respect the fact that not everyone is familiar with different accents, cultures and personalities. However, my goal is to make sure you understand that my foreign accent won’t affect my years’ of experience in the real estate industry, and the knowledge I have of the marketplace (my mind works in strange ways ;). Therefore, I want you to focus on my expertise about the real estate trends, and my strong negotiation skills, the bubble personality is a gift, and I am a hugger! Well, at least I was, but with this COVID-19 going around, I’m a virtual hugger now. In my opinion, these attributes are the most important steps to create trust, and eventually a strong and fruitful relationship between us.

I recognize & value the trust my clients place in me; and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. My clients can count on me when they have a question or concern.
I am known for my positive energy, strong personality, market knowledge and my unmatched devotion to my clients.

My success is based exclusively on positive referrals from previous clients, friends and family.

My attention to details is one of my strengths, and my efforts are focus on my buyers and sellers best interest.

I devote my time to make sure they are having an Excellent Customer Service.

A bit of my life, my beginnings …

I have a large and loud family, we are passionate, some are soldiers, some are free spirits, some are musicians, and some are dreamers, when we are together we are the life of the party!

I am strong believer that you should really know who I am and where I came from to trust me in the first place. Therefore is my pleasure to introduce you “Minha Familia.” I am giving you an opportunity to meet the people I love. I want you to trust me, and this is the first step to get there! I have prepared this page to tell you a bit more about my roots!

“I may live in Montana, but my story begins a thousand miles from here, in Brazil”

“I have 2 sisters and 5 brothers, a bunch of nieces and nephews. My mother was a business woman and also had some real estate investments back then. My father was a lieutenant of the military brigade. 

After finishing school, I moved to Rio de Janeiro and end up
engaging in Public Relations, Marketing and Tourism Education Classes, due to a high demand for professionals in the area to assist the grand volume of tourists visiting the city every month, the Tourism and Public Relation was an essential and fascinating career helping me out with my daily life. 

According to my mom, I was born to be an entrepreneur. I’ll take it and run with the blessings!  

At 26 years old I invested in my first business, and after that few more…and I consider myself a warrior, never afraid to take risks. 

Well, here I am in Montana, nope, never thought about it, but I absolutely love this place!

I love my real estate career, I enjoy to live the social life, taking my clients for lunch and drinks, and get acquainted with their dreams and goals. It is very important to get to know my clients in a comfortable atmosphere even before starting working with them. I am a human being full of positive energy and I only work with clients that will complement the same values adding solution and working towards the same goal. Those first meeting for me are important to capture your real essence and to engage in a long lasting relationship, in a relaxing environment.